BC wine Pick of the Week !

Sperling  Vineyards

Pinot Noir 2013,

After 2 weeks in France near Paris , Arras and Reims in Champagne, I was spoiled and drank my way through many great bottles .. BUT

I Feel so fortunate to live in such a rich agricultural and climate diverse province . The wines here are amazing as our the people that make them .

So as our 2017 Harvest begins and it is just going to be a HOT one !   I sat down to look at some past lovelies .. In fact I just had to start drinking my collection of Pinot Noirs .. How did I get that many in the first place?

So I cracked open a 2013 Pinot from Sperling Vineyard..   Beautiful Garnet color and Rich, ripe notes of Cherry and Goose berry ,Vanilla , Twig and  almost like dried Petals but still retaining its fresh acidity .

The  degree of refinement shows in every bottle of wine delivered here . Sperling specializes in Organic and Biodynamic Wines . They also boast some of the oldest vines in the Okanagan.

Not to overlook ..




First BC Wine review of 2017 !


Montakarn  Angelshare 2013

This year has begun for me with absolute wonderment to how life can change in one moment !

It also made me reminisce on how I started this journey in wine , what I have accomplished and where I am going now !

I am newly engaged to the man of my dreams and this year  I will continue my quest in the blogging world of wine and continuing my Diploma studies in Wine. This year will be a year of focusing on writing and hopefully clarifying my style !

I am already planning my trips to BC wineries and to giving you an insider’s eye on  what makes BC wineries so amazing !  Some wineries on my list will be Little Farm and Eau Vivre and perhaps a visit to the Gulf Islands.   So enough of me and let’s get to Gary’s Wine!

I first met Gary in a former VQA store I worked at in Burnaby and he just did not strike me as a winemaker (Whatever that is supposed to look like right?)  He was tall, bearded and was wearing farmer’s overalls. He was most friendly warm and non- pretentious. He asked us to carry his wines and we sampled  3 delicious wines as well as regaling us  with the story behind each name . The winery ‘Montakarn’  is named after his lovely Wife . What a lovely family they were. On my last trip there we were wooed in by Bella( Gary’s sister) who graciously served us the wines and Montakarn served the cheese.  Harmony is abounding in this place   ..

ANGELSHARE is the small amount of alcohol that evaporates from Oak barrels during fermentation.  Thus going to the Angels…

This rich wine of 67% Malbec,21% Syrah and 12 Franc oozes of Spice , cinnamon, vanilla and floral notes. It’s deep ruby color invites flavors in the mouth of Plum, Cherry, Pomegranate. Full bodied with great acidity and medium tannins, it closes with a long juicy finish.

Angelshare was awarded a Platinum award at the National wine awards of Canada 2016

It’s a steal at $23.00


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B.C Wine Pick of the week


 Lunessence Winery Part II

A study in India by Dr.T.C Singh showed the effect of different vibrations on plants .   He concluded that Classical music and Indian Music had the most effect on the growth and health of the plants. Specifically violin sounds and composers  Brahms, Haydn, Beethoven and Shubert.

Upon tasting these wines I found a vibrant smell and taste to them . I loved the fruit forward taste and the depth of flavor. I believe this is what the  Michal Mosny  the winemakier is trying to bring out in the wines .

So on to the 3 more wines yet to taste …


Pinot blanc Oraniensteiner 2015

This is a big  white with lovely fragrant rose petal, stone , and citrus accompanied by a long sweet honeysuckle finish . I suggest Asian food or Hot chili to accompany this wine.

Rosẻ 2015 !

I took this Rose on my picnic and it did not last !  Made up of Cabernet Franc and Pinot noir it was lush , dry and  with notes of Cherry, earth.  A definite food wine..

Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

 My curiosity abounded when I was to taste the Cab. I was wowed by the fragrant nose to begin,  It was definitely a meal in your mouth kinda wine The color is Deep Garnet, a wonderful nose of Blackberries and Earth with a herbaceous Taste.  Plum pudding and spice was the surprise! The tannins were subtle versus the fruit .  These grapes were grown on the Golden mile bench in small lots . I see the finesse of this wine coming in about 5 years !

If you haven’t checked them out I would give the winery a call and  @ 1778 516 3131 or visit lunessencewinery.com for more details.