Cipes Blanc de Blanc 2010


CIPES Blanc de Blanc from Summerhill 2010

This week I was fortunate to get a Bottle of this Bubbly masterpiece and taste it!

( Thanks Mike Romand @ Okanagan estate wine Shop on 4th)

IT is 100% Chardonnay done in the classic method and it did not disappoint !

It‘s bright color was accentuated by the bright appley crisp taste.  Lots of Mousse and lots of taste! Aromas of pear and floral notes leads us to a taste of fresh baked bread, Butter and a Dry and satisfying finish!

Why not pick up a bottle today for the next celebration !

Platinum Award – BC Wine Awards 2016 Gold – National Wine Awards of Canada 2016 Silver Medal – Chardonnay du Monde 2016 Silver Medal – Intervin 2015

$45 at the Winery and select stores near you !


B.C Wine Pick of the Week





This vintage is showing some intensity and concentrated flavors which I am guessing will change with some cellaring))

Showing an Intense Ruby color the wine  reveals  aromas of Black Cherry. Asparagus and Pepper.

On the palate the feel is velvety,  a bright acidity , notes of sage herb, Black berry with a rich finish .

Full bodied  with character.


$25 at your local Vqa and Okanagan Wine shop in Kits

B.C Wine pick of the week !


Cedar Creek Chardonnay 2015

Cedar Creek has often been my go to wines as I have found them to be very consistent.

This year’s Chardonnay is return to a less oaky style and more minerality,

Great Acidity, Baked apples, nice minerality. Citrus and pineapples notes on the palate with a slight hint of oak. It has being placed In a ‘Foudre’ a large French oak barrel holding 2250 liters. The Oak influence is subtle giving it elegant and fruity notes.

Pairing with this wine screams Seafood and Creamy seafood dishes all the way

Available at Okanagan Estate Wine Shop,LCB and your VQA stores in Lower Mainland Vancouver.

3.5/5  Taste and Value


St.Hubertus Riesling 2014 Wine, B.C Pick of the week


St. Hubertus Riesling 2014

And the winner is …  Winner of the LIeutenant Governor’s award this Year

Here it is … my promise to deliver a review of this vintage …I am hoping to get an invite into the Gerber vineyard sometime soon  to do some ample reviewing and PROPER wine tasting  ..

So let’s go to the wineOn sniffing the nose I get an intense Zesty Citrus and less to the forefront the petrol. Is it a good Sign? Let’s taste on then shall we? The palate is overcome with some sweetness only to be leveled by the crisp lemony /green apple acidity . As it ages it will be interesting to see if it develops a little honey flavors.

How about a little Grilled Salmon salad with your Riesling ?


Value and price


Available at your friendly Vqa and Okanagan Estate winery @4th and Alma Vancouver B.C



B.C Wine pink of the week


Stag’s Hollow

Renaissance Pinot Noir 2011

I had a  delightful recent visit to Stag’s Hollow with Winemaker Dwight sick and Owner Larry Gerelus .Needless to say Dwight was all business with a deep knowledge of the vines and Passion for what he does!   Larry is always full of info and a real hoot !  the winery is located near Okanagan Falls. As of late they have done some experimentaio with New varietals in the Okanagan so there is always something exciting Brewing over there !

Check back for my new Video blog Coming soon )

I opened  Renaissance Pinot Noir with my Maple Pepper trout for Dinner last night and what a fine Pairing it was  !

For those who don’t know ‘Renaissance ‘is their top tier wines

The color is a bright Ruby , with a vibrant nose of   Cherry and Bramble  Velvety  texture  with Light tannins  with a hint of spice at the finish .

4/5 for taste and value


Sold out at the winery but available in your BC  VQA Store!


B.C Wine Pick of the week !

gray monk

Gray Monk Pinot Gris 2015

It’s been a crazy few weeks  with lots of work and busting out to Lillouet for  a Fort Berens weekend tasting  (coming up soon ) and I have not put pen to paper for 2 weeks

Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a Hot September so I thought I would continue with a few more whites. I am still drinking Chards and Sauvignon blanc…

We recently received a case of 2015 Pinot Gris from Gray monk  . This honestly is one  of the more popular brands as Gray Monk is a pillar in B.C wine making  for the past 25 years

Here is an example of textbook Pinot Gris BC style .

The wine pours in my glass with a Salmon Pink hue. Aromatic notes of pear and undernotes of Grapefruit start this Fresh Pinot Gris. It has a creamy texture  with some Sweetness on the palate with highlight of peach  and Grapefruit to finish off dry

Buy yourself a bottle ….Simply too easy to drink

4/5 Value and Taste

$15.64 OKanagan Estate wine shop or LCB


B.C WIne Pick of the Week!

Legacy 2010

Poplar Grove  Legacy 2010, Naramata Bench , Okanagan valley

Lying in the grass up at Seymour Mountain this weekend watching the Meteor showers was quite the experience and not to mention hilarious. Especially listening to a crowd of thousands ooo and aww every time there was a flash in the sky .

The event was made even more memorable with a glass of The 2010 Legacy , St. Agur cheese and olives to boot  . The intensity of the wine matched  the Intense crowd  and Meteor shower.

The blend consists of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon , Malbec , Cabernet Franc

The nose was simply fantastic : dark spice ,cloves , eucalyptus  and cedar , woody and herbaceous

The mouth feel was rich with Cocoa, ripe  Blackberries , cassis and an exceptional  long dry finish  with smooth tannins .  If you are purchasing this wine, I suggest putting it down for another 5 years



Available to purchase 2012 at the Winery


B.C Wine Pick of the week!

Cab Merlot Hester

Hester Creek Cabernet Merlot 2014  As I finish the long weekend this BC day I love to have a good Bordeaux on-hand for my evening BBQ.  In B.C you can find such a rich Meritage to please many palates.     This little gem Red Bordeaux Style blend is Merlot, Cab Sauv and Cab Franc .  Nothing outrageously priced but a good ratio of value/taste Get ready for the Prime Rib and taste the smoky, savory spice with rich plum ..  The tannins are well softened by the pluminess  I was also surprised at the weight of the wine. Lots of Body!!   Check out Hester Creek in Oliver for a great Experience and treat yourself to their fantastic Restaurant ‘TERRAFINA’  that only use locally sourced ingredients.  It is an Italian Tuscan Bistro  that is one of my fav places to eat when I go to the Okanagan.

⅗ For Value and Taste  $17.00  Available at Okanagan Estate Wine Shop and  VQA Stores as well as LCB

B.C Wine Pick of the week


 Lunessence Winery Part II

A study in India by Dr.T.C Singh showed the effect of different vibrations on plants .   He concluded that Classical music and Indian Music had the most effect on the growth and health of the plants. Specifically violin sounds and composers  Brahms, Haydn, Beethoven and Shubert.

Upon tasting these wines I found a vibrant smell and taste to them . I loved the fruit forward taste and the depth of flavor. I believe this is what the  Michal Mosny  the winemakier is trying to bring out in the wines .

So on to the 3 more wines yet to taste …


Pinot blanc Oraniensteiner 2015

This is a big  white with lovely fragrant rose petal, stone , and citrus accompanied by a long sweet honeysuckle finish . I suggest Asian food or Hot chili to accompany this wine.

Rosẻ 2015 !

I took this Rose on my picnic and it did not last !  Made up of Cabernet Franc and Pinot noir it was lush , dry and  with notes of Cherry, earth.  A definite food wine..

Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

 My curiosity abounded when I was to taste the Cab. I was wowed by the fragrant nose to begin,  It was definitely a meal in your mouth kinda wine The color is Deep Garnet, a wonderful nose of Blackberries and Earth with a herbaceous Taste.  Plum pudding and spice was the surprise! The tannins were subtle versus the fruit .  These grapes were grown on the Golden mile bench in small lots . I see the finesse of this wine coming in about 5 years !

If you haven’t checked them out I would give the winery a call and  @ 1778 516 3131 or visit for more details.