B.C Wine Pick of the week!

Cab Merlot Hester

Hester Creek Cabernet Merlot 2014  As I finish the long weekend this BC day I love to have a good Bordeaux on-hand for my evening BBQ.  In B.C you can find such a rich Meritage to please many palates.     This little gem Red Bordeaux Style blend is Merlot, Cab Sauv and Cab Franc .  Nothing outrageously priced but a good ratio of value/taste Get ready for the Prime Rib and taste the smoky, savory spice with rich plum ..  The tannins are well softened by the pluminess  I was also surprised at the weight of the wine. Lots of Body!!   Check out Hester Creek in Oliver for a great Experience and treat yourself to their fantastic Restaurant ‘TERRAFINA’  that only use locally sourced ingredients.  It is an Italian Tuscan Bistro  that is one of my fav places to eat when I go to the Okanagan.

⅗ For Value and Taste  $17.00  Available at Okanagan Estate Wine Shop and  VQA Stores as well as LCB

B.C Wine Pick of the week


 Lunessence Winery Part II

A study in India by Dr.T.C Singh showed the effect of different vibrations on plants .   He concluded that Classical music and Indian Music had the most effect on the growth and health of the plants. Specifically violin sounds and composers  Brahms, Haydn, Beethoven and Shubert.

Upon tasting these wines I found a vibrant smell and taste to them . I loved the fruit forward taste and the depth of flavor. I believe this is what the  Michal Mosny  the winemakier is trying to bring out in the wines .

So on to the 3 more wines yet to taste …


Pinot blanc Oraniensteiner 2015

This is a big  white with lovely fragrant rose petal, stone , and citrus accompanied by a long sweet honeysuckle finish . I suggest Asian food or Hot chili to accompany this wine.

Rosẻ 2015 !

I took this Rose on my picnic and it did not last !  Made up of Cabernet Franc and Pinot noir it was lush , dry and  with notes of Cherry, earth.  A definite food wine..

Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

 My curiosity abounded when I was to taste the Cab. I was wowed by the fragrant nose to begin,  It was definitely a meal in your mouth kinda wine The color is Deep Garnet, a wonderful nose of Blackberries and Earth with a herbaceous Taste.  Plum pudding and spice was the surprise! The tannins were subtle versus the fruit .  These grapes were grown on the Golden mile bench in small lots . I see the finesse of this wine coming in about 5 years !

If you haven’t checked them out I would give the winery a call and  @ 1778 516 3131 or visit lunessencewinery.com for more details.

B.C Wine Pick of the week!


St.Hubertus Riesling 2013

I love a great Riesling ! I have been on the lookout in Lake country and Kelowna area for the “great one”, Ha ha, yes well it’s is such a food friendly wine . I came across this 2013 vintage and thought I’d review as the 2014 vintage has won a Lieutenant Governor’s award ! I will review that one at a later date

St. Hubertus is situated on the east shores of Kelowna , very close to shore for that matter and this climate is perfect for producing  Riesling and that perfect acidity . They also have a delicious Dry Riesling by the way

Anyway as we open the nose I detect a slight Petrol scent followed by Green apple , and honey

The palate offers some stone fruit ,   citrus with crisp acidity well balanced with the sweetness followed by a dry finish. Very refreshing and quite elegant .

The acidity and sweetness is a must with Asian dishes  and curries.

4/5 for value and Taste!

$16.75 at the Winery

Available at your Vqa store and Okanagan Estate wine shop # 4th and alma, Vancouver

Bc Wine Pick of the week !



There is a growing trend in B.C of Biodynamic viticulture.   40% of vineyards are now practicing this sustainable viticulture in B.C. Essentially this means that little or no herbicides or synthetic fertilizers are utilized.  Farming methods also include minimizing any harm to the ecosystem, preserving a natural balance and farming based on  Lunar and Cosmic cycles.  I am fascinated by the diversity of what Biodynamic means with or without the ‘Voodoo”   as developed by philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the !920’s

One such Winery is Lunessence, where I must admit I was attracted to the idea of classical music in the vineyard!.   Classical music is streamed through the Vineyard with attention to composer etc… to affect the balance and quality of the grapes ! We know that sound frequency can affect the Human brain and essentially nature around us so being a classical music buff I decided to investigate this theory , with some wine tasting to go with it of course

Lunessence is located in Summerland  with grapes also being sourced from the southern Okanagan

I begin with the New release of 2014 Sauvignon Blanc   $28

Fermented in 70% stainless steel and aged in (30%) Slovakian oak  I opened this elegant bottle (presentation is key) and was delighted  with a bright , Grassy nose of Passion fruit and Lime.  I The palate  had a rounded minerality , great acidity with a long lemony   finish .  One thing I enjoyed was  the weight on my palate. Needless to say  I will be going back for more …

Next up the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc – Muscat VQA  $22

This blend was one of my faves for a summer patio sipper Iit is light and refreshing with a wonderful Herbaceous nose , sage, Citrus and Orange blossom. Great acidity leading to a dry finish

 2014 Merlot

This Merlot is very fruit forward with a fragrant nose of Black cherry and spice . Plum and Coffee with a good balance of Oak and Fruit lead to a long satisfying finish. It is young yet and has room to age . Delicious!

So far so good wouldn’t you say !

Check out their website to order their wines here : www.lunessencewinery.com

Hang on for Part 2….

B.C Wine pick of the week

B;ack sage

Black Sage Zinfandel  2012

This Month we focus on upcoming Father’s day so I thought I would dedicate my next 2 posts to all the men out there !

When I think about Zinfandel  It conjures up images of men smoking their after dinner cigars… waiting for their Port, maybe in the Mess Hall.  A whole lot of testosterone ! To me, it’s a very masculine wine. It’s robust  in body and flavor is best grown in long hot climates.

Do I have your attention now !

Black Sage winery headed by wine maker Jason James, has planted this variety in this hot little region that typically gets hotter than anywhere else in the Okanagan, located at the Northern tip of the Sonoran Desert. I am hoping that we here in B.C, will begin to be recognized internationally for our unique wines and terroirs.

The Color is a deep garnet with an aroma of ripe blackberries  . On the palate I taste dark chocolate, smoke, cassis and cedar with an intense fruit finish.  Known for it’s high level of sweetness this Zinfandel delivered a satisfying dry finish.

And now for my Barbeque …



Available at Okanagan Estate and local VQA shops

BC Wine Pick of the week


Montakarn Estate winery

Tiptoe Oaked 2013

Located on Black sage Road outside Oliver B.C, Montakarn is an inviting building with a prominent Red Roof and  Great Oak Doors . We were greeted by Bella in the Tasting Room  ,Gary’s Sister and just really enjoyed the whole experience . Montakarn is named after Gary’s Lovely wife . They have garnered some great Awards in a short period of time including this Wine and are definitely on my list t of Wineries to pay attention too  !

Let me point out that Montakarn has 2 Tiptoe.  One is un oaked   .

We enjoyed many wines mostly  named after women. Thanks for that Gary !  I will begin with this refreshing White …

This is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier. Fermented in Steel Barrels then aged in Neutral French Oak .

The nose is Apple Streudel , apricot, and a light toasty oakOn the palate, Herbaceous, Dry with a balanced acidity leading to a mouth watering finish.

Great Wine ~ available at the Winery before it’s gone   ! $ 20

4/5 Taste and Value

BC Wine Pick of the Week

Tinhorn Creek

BC Wine Pick of the week


Tinhorn Creek Merlot 2013

I am looking forward in a week’s time to visitng 5 Wineries and giving you people the latest and greatest releases from the Okanagan for this year … My visits will include , Blue Mountain, Pentage, Stag’s Hollow, Clos du Soleil and La Frenz!  So Check out my posts in a week’s time …

A great Growing season in Oliver lead to this great Bottle of Merlot  by Tinhorn out in Oliver ,winning the Bronze at the San Francisco Wine competition

The Colour is Beautiful Dark Cherry. The nose is Maraschino Cherry, earth, vanilla  and Spice.  It is a medium bodied dry wine with light tannins ending in a subtle Cherry finish.

Pair with you Flat Iron Steak or Vegetarian Pasta


$20 + at your VQA stores, LDB and Okanagan Estate wine shop on 4th

B.C Wine pick of the week


Calliope Sauvignon Blanc 2013

I have been really enjoying my New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs .My palate has been tuned lately especially with the season changing . It signals the harvest for me of Oysters and Spot prawns! Nothing better than a fresh chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc

Well I am doubly excited about our local whites and in Calliope ( little hummingbird) I have found a fresh, crisp,  dry White that is perfect for my culinary pairings. It has a nose of fresh Cut grass a tad of Citrus and Grapefruit. It garnishes my palate with Crisp acidity and a smooth finish !

Calliope is operated by Burrowing Owl and is a testament to their care of great wine at accessible prices


4/5 Value and taste

Available at your VQA Stores  and Okanagan Estate Wine shop on 4th /Alma