BC wine of the Week

St Hubertus

Frizzante Rose  2016

I acquired a bottle of this Frizzante rose late in the summer at the shop and boy was I happy.  After being in Champagne , France for the Summer and drinking all sorts of amazing Champagne daily. This Frizzante knocked my socks off ! 100% Gamay rocks!

This vintage is light, refined with the signature Frizz at the finish !

Nose of raspberry,  peach with a lovely taste of Strawberries and Rhubarb.

With only 11.5% alcohol you can enjoy guilt-free. So be a little French today and drink your Rose

Doctors orders..


Great to pair for fall vegetarian fair , Spicy food and your poultry cuisine

$20 VQA at your local wine shop


BC wine Pick of the Week !

Sperling  Vineyards

Pinot Noir 2013,

After 2 weeks in France near Paris , Arras and Reims in Champagne, I was spoiled and drank my way through many great bottles .. BUT

I Feel so fortunate to live in such a rich agricultural and climate diverse province . The wines here are amazing as our the people that make them .

So as our 2017 Harvest begins and it is just going to be a HOT one !   I sat down to look at some past lovelies .. In fact I just had to start drinking my collection of Pinot Noirs .. How did I get that many in the first place?

So I cracked open a 2013 Pinot from Sperling Vineyard..   Beautiful Garnet color and Rich, ripe notes of Cherry and Goose berry ,Vanilla , Twig and  almost like dried Petals but still retaining its fresh acidity .

The  degree of refinement shows in every bottle of wine delivered here . Sperling specializes in Organic and Biodynamic Wines . They also boast some of the oldest vines in the Okanagan.

Not to overlook ..




B.C Wine Pick of the Week

8th Generation

This last Visit brought us to 8th generation after having harmoniously imbibed their Pink Frizzante at a Dinner party in Naramata the night before. We dutifully hiked Giantshead to the bluff to catch the beautiful views of Okanagan Lake before heading down to the Winery that day .

The Shales family comes from 8 generations of Wine makers from Germany.  Which makes them the 9th Generation. This was my second Visit to the winery and since then, they have built a new Tasting Room complete with Tasting bar, shop and a beautiful little garden Patio! We were greeted by Amandah Reilly who indulged us with a tasting of their Wines.

Nothing is more fresh, fruity and petillant than the Confidence a semi Sparkling( Frizzante Style ) a  blend of 50% Pinot and 10 Pinot Gris.  It is an off dry sparkling with a creamy texture with layers of Strawberry and Rainier Cherries and a so yummy finish .It is a great aperitif for anytime of the day and my Favorite summer sipper this year!  If you prefer a lightly drier Sparkling you can try the ‘Integrity’ a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Kerner!


A few other notable wines were the (classic) Riesling and the Cabernet /Merlot.

See you in a few Weeks. We are off to France for 2 weeks

Will report back soon !

BC Wine of the Week


Congratulations to La Frenz Winery for winning best small Winery of the Year in the NWAC 2017. You have achieved a Grand Total ( pun intended)

Check out my visit with Neva and Jeff in 2016. What a great family and winery !  Share your thoughts and subscribe to me on Youtube




B.C wine pick of the week

Mission Hill Reserve Shiraz 2014

I used to be a Shiraz Drinker in my younger days.  I loved big reds and didn’t drink much white in those days either . I guess I came full circle to a much loved varietal.

Mission Hill Reserve doesn’t disappoint . This is their top Quality wine with a very distinct style. All grapes were grown in the Black sage bench to achieve full ripeness.

This Big Purple Shiraz was really tasty and meaty. Ripe Black cherries and a dash of pepper and Sage on the nose. Lively herbal notes, intense cherry, plums on the palate . All well integrated with a hint of pepper to close.

I highly recommend having one in your cellar and Pairing with your grilled meats this summer



Available at Okanagan Estate wine shop  on 4th and Alma

B.C Wine if the week!

Clos Du Soleil

Capella 2014

 Hey Folks, I am back ! Did you miss me?

After a month of moving ( we bought a house ) it has been a horribly busy time ! So I am back with a real goodie today! Get ready for a game breaker people !

I visited Clos du Soleil last year, a charming Biodynamic winery in the Similkameen Valley with Master wine maker Spencer Massie at the helm

We picked up a few bottle of course …   thanks again to Luke Whithall for the Wine tasting and the very informative tour of the winery! It was a spectacular day!

Last night was a super warm evening and my hubby and I broke out a bottle of Capella 2014.  This is Clos’s top quality  white Bordeaux . The Grapes are handpicked and fermented and aged in barrel.

Normally I would save this for oysters, but hell… we wanted a good bottle of wine !  Because, we deserve it of course, a bunch of hard working folks that we are.

Capella was nothing short of elegant and captured our moment perfectly.  This old world style Sauvignon blanc and Semillon blend opens with an amazing Mineral nose , Meyer Lemon, Fresh straw and delicately coats the palate with a toasty Oak, notes of Lychee , earth and straw. This elegant wine has body and complexity. The finish is Long and continues with the richness you experience at the start !

5/5 for me $28

You can visit their wine club or your neighborhood VQA store for a bottle !

We are holding on to a few bottles of their Signature Bordeaux Style blend which I will report to you at a later date of maturity of the wine !

Happy Summer and see you next week from Naramata !


B.C wine of the week

Stags Hollow Visit 2016

So it all started with Vidal…….

One of the first Wines I ever tasted from B.C a number of years ago was Stag’s Hollow  ‘Simply  Noir’

A Blend of Gamay Pinot Noir and Merlot ! It indelibly left an impression on me and my young amateur palate. Now I consider them to be one of the most innovative Wineries in the Okanagan. They own two Vineyards. Their Estate vineyard and Shuttleworth Creek Vineyard

That being said Larry Gerelus seems to be a risk taker. Under the Guidance of Winemaker Dwight Sick  Larry and Lynda embrace a passion for their wine making..

At my last visit there last year’ I had the opportunity to talk to both Dwight and Larry about how the winery  got started and also their vision for the coming vintages. Fascinating stuff!

We tasted some new and older vintages sitting on Larry’s Patio and I talked with Dwight who was fascinating to chat with   He has an intimate knowledge and connection with the land and I was lucky he was willing to chat with me  .

This year they have released some Interesting Wines notably the Delicious Albarino and there outstanding Syrah

They also had their first release of Dolcetto which garnered themgreat accolades

The Vidal 2015 was off dry with lemon color Ripe stone fruit, Mango and crisp acidity. Great summer sipper !

Thank you to Stag’s Hollow for their time and sharing their story with me

If you want to tickle your palate and delight yourself visit Stag’s Hollow

You will be very happy you did https://stagshollowwinery.com/our-wines/current-releases/

#stagshollow  #summersippers  #bcwines

Check out my new video with our fantastic tastings at Stag’s Hollow here

B.C Wine Pick of the week



Pinot  Noir 2011

The current season of New release Pinot Noir are under way and my partner and I revisited a Pinot from a tasting last year from Camelot winery in East Kelowna. Owned by Robert Young Jr and Denise Young this fairly newer Winery focuses on Hand crafted wines in small lots ( about 1300 cases)  wines for higher quality and exclusivity.

This superb Pinot really went well with my Roasted Chicken I must say.. With fresh floral aromas, red currant, raspberry, cream soda, Medium body with Great acidity. Still tasting very bright !

This Unique Pinot showcases what Great Pinot we make in the Okanagan !

Don’t forget to pay them a visit, try their Wine, attempt to take the Sword out of the stone and join their Wine club !

Quest completed !


B.C Wine of the Week

Calliope Red 2015


Figure Eight Red 2015

Burrowing Owl has done very well with this winery,bringing approachable wine in taste and affordability to the masses

This Delightful blend of Merlot, Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon is a super juicy treat after a long day.

Notes of Cherry, Blackberry, plums and a wif of sageOn the palate, Ripe plum, dried herbs a hint of pepper on the finish Medium body and Dry



B.C Wine Pick of the week


Autumn Gold 2016
I continuously Gain respect every year for Wild Goose ,as they really fine tune and craft some premium wines.
They are always on the popularity list as far as branding…
This year’s vintage of Autumn Gold is 1/3rd Gew 1/3 Pinot Blanc and 1/3rd Riesling has a fantastic nose of Rose blossom and Stone
The off dry palate leads to a rich Stone fruit (apricot and Nectarine) a mouth watering acidity is well balanced with the Mineral quality
Outstanding vintage in my opinion.
Perfect for Summer weather and your sippy cup )
4/5 Value and Taste
$19 at your local Wine store (Okanagan Estate Wine Shop) and LDB
Gold at the 2017 Cascadia competition