B.C Wine of the Week

Calliope Red 2015


Figure Eight Red 2015

Burrowing Owl has done very well with this winery,bringing approachable wine in taste and affordability to the masses

This Delightful blend of Merlot, Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon is a super juicy treat after a long day.

Notes of Cherry, Blackberry, plums and a wif of sageOn the palate, Ripe plum, dried herbs a hint of pepper on the finish Medium body and Dry



B.C Wine Pick of the week


Autumn Gold 2016
I continuously Gain respect every year for Wild Goose ,as they really fine tune and craft some premium wines.
They are always on the popularity list as far as branding…
This year’s vintage of Autumn Gold is 1/3rd Gew 1/3 Pinot Blanc and 1/3rd Riesling has a fantastic nose of Rose blossom and Stone
The off dry palate leads to a rich Stone fruit (apricot and Nectarine) a mouth watering acidity is well balanced with the Mineral quality
Outstanding vintage in my opinion.
Perfect for Summer weather and your sippy cup )
4/5 Value and Taste
$19 at your local Wine store (Okanagan Estate Wine Shop) and LDB
Gold at the 2017 Cascadia competition

B.C Wine Pick of the Week


Qwam Qwmt Merlot 2014

I feel that Merlot is an elusive grape even though it is a grape that grows abundantly and easily in the Okanagan.
Trying to find a Merlot you like is like looking for a Bull in a China shop. Yes ,well I am rather particular I guess.
Nevertheless these Grapes were harvested in Osoyoos from 2 seperate blocks with a fairly warm Summer for good ripening.
Aromas of Dried Sage ,ripe cherries and blackberries, with hints of cedar,spice,cacao and strawberry.
I suggest decanting as the wine really changed and softened.
This is Merlot very nicely put together with a lush layers to stroke your palate.
Give it a whirl $25
Available in you LDB and OKanagan Estate Wine Shop

B.C wine pick of the week !


See ya Later Ranch

Pinot Noir 2014

I have to say this is always a crowd favorite and approachable Pinot !

Now, Pinot is a nasty little grape to grow . It is fussy and a bit high maintenance, but more Growers in the Okanagan are taking their chances and are doing it well.

In waiting for the new vintage I revisited this Pinot with my Roasted chicken last night . It is aged in French and American oak for 12 months. Nose bring wiffs of Raspberry, Cherry and Bramble  The mouth feel was satisfying with a touch of spice and cherry Earthy notes   and good acidity. Not a super long finish but  quite satisfying

Super great Value and Taste


$19 at your local LDB or fave Wine shop

B.C wine pick of the week

optimum pinot Gris

Gehringer Brothers

Optimum Pinot Gris  2014

So, I was somewhat feeling optimistic with March coming round and I thought to myself it is time to revisit Pinot Gris ! One of my Favourite Pinot Gris’ of last Vintage 2014 was Gehringer ‘s Optimum Pinot Gris . Very refreshing with bright nose of Peaches and Grapefruit ! More on the Dry side it has unctuous layers of peach, pear, grapefruit and lemon on the finish  Deliciously served with any fish dish and Whole grain salads! absolutely Stunning !

Sunshine in your glass

4/5 Value and taste

$18 at your local Wine shops  and  thank you Mike for the Wine at Okanagan Estate Wine Shop !

In Vancouver

B.C Wine Pick of the week!

Petales 2013


Osoyoos Larose    Petales D’osoyoos 2013

Owned by the Taillant Group this winery is located in the south Okanagan overlooking Lake Osoyoos in this ‘Pocket Desert.’   In the tradition of French Bordeaux the Grapes are hand-picked with only the best grapes making the cut . I have to say that I am always quite happy to open a bottle of this elegant wine. It never disappoints with its’ lovely ripe red berry and floral nose . This year’s Vintage for me was characterized by Ripe plums, Strawberry, youthful tannins, some dry earthy and woodsy tones and finished with a bit of pepper ,cacao and Coffee for a nasty great finish  !

Merlot: 82%,Cabernet-Sauvignon: 14%,Malbec: 2,5%,Petit Verdot: 1%,Cabernet-Franc: 0,5%

A great bottle of wine without the Crazy price

$22 at LCB, Okanagan Estate wine shop and Some VQA stores in B.C

Get yourself one of these today !


B.C wine Of the week

Charater red

Hester Creek Character  Red 2015

After weeks of snow we Canadians don’t let a little inclement weather interfere with serious Bbqing .

And Shazam!   This is when Character red comes in to really bring it down…

Some Spicy Syrah, some Ripe Malbec and  some  flavorful  Petit Verdot come together to create this intense Purple Wine with some Ripe plum, violet and spice with a wiff of Smoke and oak

Really what you want with your charred meats you know..

Try it for a mere $19

Available at LDb, and VQA and Okanagan Estate Wine Shop on 4th

3.5/4 for taste and Value

B.C Wine of the week !

Pentage Winery

Sauvignon Blanc 2014

At Last Spring’s visit to this Boutique style Winery I sat down with Paul and Julie and soaked in the majestic views overlooking  Skaha Lake with a glass of their 2014 Sauvignon Blanc.  What a great story Paul had to tell me about how he got into wine and the wine business..  Check out my Video below .The highlights were of course tasting the wines but also a visit to the Cave where Paul cellars the Wine and the magic happens !

This is a classic elegant French style Sauvignon blanc. My family comes from the Loire Valley in France and you bet I love a great Sauvignon Blanc . The subtle aromas include Citrus, light grassyness, stonefruit  which stimulates the back palate!

Best paired with Grilled Scallops or a mango salad

$20 at the Winery !

4/5 Value and taste !



B.C wine of the week: Quail’s gate Merlot 2014

Quial's Gate Merlot 2014

Quail’s gate Merlot 2014

As we dig into January and try to keep up our resolution, I am getting ready for my New Year!  I am inspired by the man that stands beside me now and has changed my life and made me a better person. deciding how I am going to change my Year and shape the person I want to become and the things I would like to accomplish are taking shape  I was thrilled to have completed my Second Installment of WSET course and pass with merit . So I am setting my Sights on the next Plateau!

With that said Let us indulge in more Bacchanalia this year and Discover the Year’s  new and yummiest wines and hope you will join me each week as I indulge you on BC’s Finest .

 This place has to be one of my Favorite Places for Lunch!  Sit on the terrace on a nice day it is intimate and lovely !

This week I opened up the Merlot and it was Hot! Deep ruby red, rich ripe plum and Cherries. Very concentrated flavors. Some toasty Oak.   Smooth to drink with a long finish !

Pair with some Italian Food, Rich tomato sauces and even ribs!


$23 available at Okanagan Estate Wine shop, LDB

Cellar till 2021

First BC Wine review of 2017 !


Montakarn  Angelshare 2013

This year has begun for me with absolute wonderment to how life can change in one moment !

It also made me reminisce on how I started this journey in wine , what I have accomplished and where I am going now !

I am newly engaged to the man of my dreams and this year  I will continue my quest in the blogging world of wine and continuing my Diploma studies in Wine. This year will be a year of focusing on writing and hopefully clarifying my style !

I am already planning my trips to BC wineries and to giving you an insider’s eye on  what makes BC wineries so amazing !  Some wineries on my list will be Little Farm and Eau Vivre and perhaps a visit to the Gulf Islands.   So enough of me and let’s get to Gary’s Wine!

I first met Gary in a former VQA store I worked at in Burnaby and he just did not strike me as a winemaker (Whatever that is supposed to look like right?)  He was tall, bearded and was wearing farmer’s overalls. He was most friendly warm and non- pretentious. He asked us to carry his wines and we sampled  3 delicious wines as well as regaling us  with the story behind each name . The winery ‘Montakarn’  is named after his lovely Wife . What a lovely family they were. On my last trip there we were wooed in by Bella( Gary’s sister) who graciously served us the wines and Montakarn served the cheese.  Harmony is abounding in this place   ..

ANGELSHARE is the small amount of alcohol that evaporates from Oak barrels during fermentation.  Thus going to the Angels…

This rich wine of 67% Malbec,21% Syrah and 12 Franc oozes of Spice , cinnamon, vanilla and floral notes. It’s deep ruby color invites flavors in the mouth of Plum, Cherry, Pomegranate. Full bodied with great acidity and medium tannins, it closes with a long juicy finish.

Angelshare was awarded a Platinum award at the National wine awards of Canada 2016

It’s a steal at $23.00


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