B.C wine pick of the week !

Black Sage Vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

 This Fall presents us with this new release from Black Sage Vineyard . These last few summers have been hot ones in the Okanagan  and the alchemy of the eart, wind and heat has brought this hardy grape to a perfect ripening!

This vintage is deep ruby/ purple color with bigger body than last vintages.

The nose has scent of Ripe blackberries and Dark Cherry. On the palate , it is Dry  with Green beans , Twig, Anise and Cocoa and showing a great Structure.

Watch out little red meats for this Big bad Red !



Available at Private wine stores and Vqa Stores, LDB

BC wine of the Week

St Hubertus

Frizzante Rose  2016

I acquired a bottle of this Frizzante rose late in the summer at the shop and boy was I happy.  After being in Champagne , France for the Summer and drinking all sorts of amazing Champagne daily. This Frizzante knocked my socks off ! 100% Gamay rocks!

This vintage is light, refined with the signature Frizz at the finish !

Nose of raspberry,  peach with a lovely taste of Strawberries and Rhubarb.

With only 11.5% alcohol you can enjoy guilt-free. So be a little French today and drink your Rose

Doctors orders..


Great to pair for fall vegetarian fair , Spicy food and your poultry cuisine

$20 VQA at your local wine shop


BC wine Pick of the Week !

Sperling  Vineyards

Pinot Noir 2013,

After 2 weeks in France near Paris , Arras and Reims in Champagne, I was spoiled and drank my way through many great bottles .. BUT

I Feel so fortunate to live in such a rich agricultural and climate diverse province . The wines here are amazing as our the people that make them .

So as our 2017 Harvest begins and it is just going to be a HOT one !   I sat down to look at some past lovelies .. In fact I just had to start drinking my collection of Pinot Noirs .. How did I get that many in the first place?

So I cracked open a 2013 Pinot from Sperling Vineyard..   Beautiful Garnet color and Rich, ripe notes of Cherry and Goose berry ,Vanilla , Twig and  almost like dried Petals but still retaining its fresh acidity .

The  degree of refinement shows in every bottle of wine delivered here . Sperling specializes in Organic and Biodynamic Wines . They also boast some of the oldest vines in the Okanagan.

Not to overlook ..