La Frenz Winery Visit 2016

 A timely visit to La Frenz, May 2016

After starting my Blog for some months I wanted to really focus in on this question? Why is BC such a Great place to grow Grapes?

My first vlog project took me to La Frenz Winery on the Naramata Bench and foremost : Jeff Martin  the winemaker and owner along with his wife  NIva Martin…The passion and information exuding from Jeff is palpable and exciting  Jeff is  a native of  Australia and has been involved in the winemaking Business  for over 30 years starting out with Mcwilliams  family owned Winery in Australia.   Jeff is a man who knows what he is talking about!! He is knowledgeable about the terrain he cultivates and the sustainability of the land for future generations of wine making. Both me and my cameraman were absolutely hanging on every word.

Jeff was quick to point out the varied terrain and elevations and slopes and the Sun exposure in the Valley.. He educated us on the different variance in temperatures that affect the region allowing B.C to grow a tremendous variety of grapes well ! His approach to the vineyard is very hands on and minimal interference .

This year‘s 2016 Growing season was one of the hottest on record and as we visited the Vineyard the health of the vines and advanced growing season was mind blowing

It will be a very interesting to see the quality of wines in this vintage, which will no doubt be amazing !

I would like to share my fave wines this year from the tastings at the winery in the Reserve Collection

 Ensemble 2013 Sauvignon Blanc /Semillon was a classic version of a French Bordeaux a gorgeous nose of Straw, Citrus, and Guava. The palate is dry, with a lingering acidity a luscious feel ,  Hints of tropical fruit and a Strong Finish about $25 ( Gold winner at the INTERVIN awards )

Pinot Noir: 2013 With the new release of their Desperation hill Pinot noir which is sold out at the Winery . I opened my 2013 Reserve for a nice evening by the fireplace! The nose is sweet spice, Forest,  red Currants and a wee bit of Smoke . A dry palate and great acidity accompanies concentrated flavours  strawberries, spice ,  Clove and a  delightful  finish. About $30

It’s a must to visit this winery .Don’t forget to make an appointment at the tasting room. You will be pampered with wine and a very knowledgeable staff and an amazing view !!

Check out some highlights of are visit in the vineyard with Jeff martin in the video above !