B.C WIne Pick of the Week!

Legacy 2010

Poplar Grove  Legacy 2010, Naramata Bench , Okanagan valley

Lying in the grass up at Seymour Mountain this weekend watching the Meteor showers was quite the experience and not to mention hilarious. Especially listening to a crowd of thousands ooo and aww every time there was a flash in the sky .

The event was made even more memorable with a glass of The 2010 Legacy , St. Agur cheese and olives to boot  . The intensity of the wine matched  the Intense crowd  and Meteor shower.

The blend consists of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon , Malbec , Cabernet Franc

The nose was simply fantastic : dark spice ,cloves , eucalyptus  and cedar , woody and herbaceous

The mouth feel was rich with Cocoa, ripe  Blackberries , cassis and an exceptional  long dry finish  with smooth tannins .  If you are purchasing this wine, I suggest putting it down for another 5 years



Available to purchase 2012 at the Winery


B.C Wine Pick of the week!

Cab Merlot Hester

Hester Creek Cabernet Merlot 2014  As I finish the long weekend this BC day I love to have a good Bordeaux on-hand for my evening BBQ.  In B.C you can find such a rich Meritage to please many palates.     This little gem Red Bordeaux Style blend is Merlot, Cab Sauv and Cab Franc .  Nothing outrageously priced but a good ratio of value/taste Get ready for the Prime Rib and taste the smoky, savory spice with rich plum ..  The tannins are well softened by the pluminess  I was also surprised at the weight of the wine. Lots of Body!!   Check out Hester Creek in Oliver for a great Experience and treat yourself to their fantastic Restaurant ‘TERRAFINA’  that only use locally sourced ingredients.  It is an Italian Tuscan Bistro  that is one of my fav places to eat when I go to the Okanagan.

⅗ For Value and Taste  $17.00  Available at Okanagan Estate Wine Shop and  VQA Stores as well as LCB