Blue Mountain Pinot Noir 2013


This week I’d like to welcome a former colleague to write a guest Blog !I am sure you will enjoy his  Pinot Noir expertise !

I’m writing about the 2013 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir although it is no longer commercially available, because the 2014, from an equally, if not, superior vintage will be released in May. 
As someone who has bought this wine for many years, I believe the quality has not only been consistent, but has improved from year to year. I would go so far as to say that this is undoubtedly the finest entry level Pinot Noir produced in the Okanagan. I’m hard pressed to think of a better Pinot from anywhere in the $25 range.
The wine is silky, elegant, seductive and multifaceted with aromas of cherry, forest floor, spices and minerals. It has soft tannins with balanced acidity. The flavours add an earthy, herby note that doesn’t distract from the pure flavourful fruit.
The vines are all estate grown and between six and twenty-eight years of age. The use of six different clones adds to the complexity of the wine. The winery suggests that the wine will age up to about seven years from the vintage. I have had older bottles that were exceptional, but the wines are so good now, why not put one or two away and drink the rest, that’s what I do.
In my opinion, this is Pinot Noir as good as it gets in the Okanagan.   $25.00 winery direct
Brian Ritchie

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