BC Wine Pick of the Week

Vintage Ink   Wild White 2013

Wild White

So as I stated in my last review, I am going to blog about some lesser known wineries from time to time . i will also be taking my yearly trip to the Okanagan in May to bring you some more cool reviews.

I came across this Cool bottle at my local wine store and it has a great marketing name and design  ( no doubt to attract a younger Clientele)

Check out their website www.vintageink.ca

This little VQA white is a blend of Riesling and Gewὓrtztraminer Somewhat an unusual blend. I was delightfully surprised… Bring on SUMMER! A lively nose of passionflower, Lychee with a  layer of tangerine and slightly off dry finish..  Pair with thai, spicy food or a light salad and  Shrimp !

The price is amazing $15 at your local VQA store

4/5 for great value and flavor !

Blue Mountain Pinot Noir 2013


This week I’d like to welcome a former colleague to write a guest Blog !I am sure you will enjoy his  Pinot Noir expertise !

I’m writing about the 2013 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir although it is no longer commercially available, because the 2014, from an equally, if not, superior vintage will be released in May. 
As someone who has bought this wine for many years, I believe the quality has not only been consistent, but has improved from year to year. I would go so far as to say that this is undoubtedly the finest entry level Pinot Noir produced in the Okanagan. I’m hard pressed to think of a better Pinot from anywhere in the $25 range.
The wine is silky, elegant, seductive and multifaceted with aromas of cherry, forest floor, spices and minerals. It has soft tannins with balanced acidity. The flavours add an earthy, herby note that doesn’t distract from the pure flavourful fruit.
The vines are all estate grown and between six and twenty-eight years of age. The use of six different clones adds to the complexity of the wine. The winery suggests that the wine will age up to about seven years from the vintage. I have had older bottles that were exceptional, but the wines are so good now, why not put one or two away and drink the rest, that’s what I do.
In my opinion, this is Pinot Noir as good as it gets in the Okanagan.   $25.00 winery direct
Brian Ritchie

B.C WIne Pick of the week

168641_0Sandhill Cab/Merlot 2013  Vanessa Vineyard
This week will be the last week I feature more known Wineries, as I will try and find some “diamonds in the rough” so to speak… or lesser known wineries in BC.
Sandhill’s specializes in their Single Lot philosophy. Which means each Grape comes from a different region with a different environment /soil and method of cultivation that brings out each wines uniqueness. This vineyard is located in the Similkameen which has some of the hottest weather around. But let’s talk about the wine . This is 59% Cabernet sauvignon and 49 % Merlot . This Dry wine has a luscious nose of Black Cherry and dark fruit, a touch of smoke, a bit of Oak, but very light tannins  As I let it breath I could detect some great savoury and spice with a bit of Chocolate ending in a dry finish with a touch of coffee.
This medium bodied wine is a great pairing with Lamb and roasted Pork Loin or a Hearty Vegetable Stew
3/5 for value and taste $20 tax in
Available at your BCL or VQA stores

BC Wine pick of the Week

P1110563 McWatters Collection Chardonnay 2013
This week was a week of sorting through old photos and organizing one of the storage rooms so here I am in between sorting, Drinking this very delightful Chardonnay from Harry McWatters of TIME winery . Harry McWatters is a Pillar in the BC wine industry having founded Sumac Ridge Winery, See ya Later ranch and most recently his new Winery ‘Time’ in Oliver on the Black Sage bench.
The thing about this chardonnay is it’s a huge Buttery chard with a safe balance of Oak for me in which case it pleases many palates !
The nose is toasty Oak with a hint of nuttyness . At first taste I get orchard apple and buttery popcorn with a finish of Almond and . The texture is creamy and as my good friend David would say Great with Mac and Cheese .Yum comfort Food !
Pretty nice balance of acidity
I give it a 3/5 for Taste and Value
You can buy this at your BCLS, Private Wine and VQA stores for a mere $22 + tax