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My name is Geraldine Goyer, but I am known as Gigi among friends. I am an aspiring oenophile (wine connoisseur) from Vancouver, BC who also happens to be a professional dancer, mother of two grown kids, Argentine Tango teacher, blogger, tango DJ, traveler, and writer.

I acquired my passion for wine from my grandparents when we lived in the Loire Valley in France. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe where I was exposed to many of the region’s famous wines’ . My move to BC introduced me to the wines in the Okanagan and I have recently been working at a BC VQA Store in Burnaby I am working on my WSET 2 I hope to one day become a wine critic and educator…

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  1. Gigi,
    Looking forward to your Blog. Learning about BC Wines and collecting my favourites is something I really enjoy. Cindy

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